How to Study Effectively When You Do Not Feel Like Studying

by Learning how to study effectively is the holy grail of any student seeking to graduate with top honors or merely seeking to pass the subject matter for the sake of passing. If you previously designed the right study habits, youre one particular of the fortunate ones. A lot of are nonetheless struggling with […]

Concentration and It’s Effect On Memory Improvement

by Aitor Agirregabiria As the title hints, concentration does have an effect on memory improvement. A way to improve your memory is to improve your concentration. Now focusing is the key here. To concentrate fully, you need to focus on what you’re doing or thinking of. Focusing helps in memorizing so when you need to […]

How colors can improve your mood, concentration and memory

by Aitor Agirregabiria The sensation of time and space is influenced by colors. For instance, the color red increases the rate at which the heart beats and, causing time to appear to pass faster. Green, however, creates an atmosphere of emotional balance. The eyes relax and concentration increases. Imagine yourself walking through a forest and […]

Ensuring The Success Of A Tutoring Service

by lisby1 With increasingly larger class sizes, more and more children risk being left behind during the course of an academic year. The fact is that teachers are unable to give every child the undivided attention they may need, particularly if they are struggling with a specific subject or concept. Work and home responsibilities may […]

5 Ways To Improve Your Concentration and Memory

by A.Currell If you are wondering how to increase your concentration and memory, you’re not alone. Several million of people all over the world are under a constant lookout for an answer to this question. Concentration and memory are closely brain functions which are closely intertwined. Without improving your ability to concentrate, enhancing your ability […]

4 Methods For Improving Concentration and Memory

by Aitor Agirregabiria Many people underestimate the importance of the ability to focus and its impact in our daily lives. It?s common practice for people to blame their woes on genes or a bad lot in life. Intelligence and a solid memory are believed to be out of reach of the common person. While we […]

  • Choosing A Tutor

  • Tips for Choosing a Math Online Tutor

    Tips for Choosing a Math Online Tutor

    by lisby1 One subject in which students most commonly need assistance is mathematics. Not all of us possess the ability of comprehending complex mathematical operations and theorems. Often tutors are required to help out students, and a math online tutor can be the best option, as such tutoring has many advantages over conventional classroom teaching. […]

  • Choosing a Private Tutor in Singapore

    Choosing a Private Tutor in Singapore

    by London College of Fashion short courses Choosing a private tutor in Singapore, even in other places, have to be agreed or with both consent of parents. Before choosing any private tutor in your area, make sure you discuss this matter with your children. Evaluate them if they have the ability to obtain better grade […]

  • Tutor: Things To Consider When Hiring a Tutor

    Tutor: Things To Consider When Hiring a Tutor

    by jajacks62 Education has always been a priority of the human race since time immemorial. Progressing in education and knowledge can grant a person immeasurable benefits in the fields they pursue in their later life. Education opens many pathways and avenues for young and old people alike to improve their social status and better their […]

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  • How To Study Efficiently

  • Small Business Telephone Systems – A Case Study in Operational Efficiency

    Small Business Telephone Systems – A Case Study in Operational Efficiency

    by Chris Devers Historically, UK small businesses have received a poor deal from the telecommunications industry, particularly hardware vendors. Expensive and funtionally-limited telephony systems, beyond the reach of SMEs have left many operating with a single landline and a mobile phone. The advent of hosted telephony applications has revolutionised call-handling for many small firms, offering […]

  • Business Studies

    Business Studies

    by Chris Devers Part 1: Organizational and team culture The concept of organizational culture stands to be a vital element in the success and sustainability of any human endeavor, whereby project management is not exempted. As outlined by Larson & Gray (2011), organizational cultures refers to a system of shared beliefs, assumptions, values and norms that […]

  • A Little Trick to Make Your College Study More Efficient

    A Little Trick to Make Your College Study More Efficient

    by Barry Gourmet and Raw You know young people ought to sign up for a number of lessons and obviously lots of teaching materials are expected. In earlier times, the instructor could possibly print the teaching materials and share to everybody. But with the popularity of laptops, the teaching strategy is promoting. Now the professors […]

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  • Study Skills

  • Why Should We Teach Study Skills?

    Why Should We Teach Study Skills?

    by jean-louis zimmermann “We are currently preparing students for jobs that don?t yet exist, Using technologies that haven?t been invented, In order to solve problems we don?t even know are problems yet.? – Karl Fisch, ?Did You Know? When we grew up, the employment rate was fairly stable and our greatest concern was being able […]

  • When Study Skills Cause Misery

    When Study Skills Cause Misery

    by Development Works Photos A client of mine found a study tip posted on an educational website. In fact, it was featured as the “study skill of the day.” He wanted to know what I thought about it. It read: “Write the thing to study repeatedly on a sheet of paper 25-40 times.” Honestly? I […]

  • How Could One Define Study Skills

    How Could One Define Study Skills

    by London College of Fashion short courses The student needs the study skills of listening and note taking. During an instructional activity, the student needs to take the information offered by the teacher and other students to accomplish the tasks or provide for using the information later. Students need to be able to take auditory […]

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  • Teaching and Learning Effective Learning Strategies

    Teaching and Learning Effective Learning Strategies

    by teachingsagittarian Education is beset by fads. New theories about teaching and learning spring up like mushrooms after rain. Here we examine some of the myths that relate to learning strategies. Washington Post economics columnist Robert Samuelson asked why America has spent so much money on school reform and yet has so little to show […]

  • Effective Learning Strategies for Students

    Effective Learning Strategies for Students

    by Abe World! Where to Study: The traditional or normal wisdom has it that one should keep on with one study location, this is not true. Cognitive researchers have established that shifting rooms for study makes better retention. Focus: It is widely believed that one should focus intensely on a single topic, research shows, to […]

  • Effective Teaching and Learning Strategies

    Effective Teaching and Learning Strategies

    by DennisCallahan Here are some of the teaching strategies a teacher should use in his class · Cooperative learning or group work · Discovery or guided discovery learning/ Active learning · Expository learning · Brainstorming · Demonstration method · Mind mapping · Role play · Differentiation · Cooperative learning or Group work The group method […]

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